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Mity Nice Person Award

Khit Masoud

founder of Blessons for Women

Khit Masoud is the founder of the local non-profit organization, Blessons for Women.
This organization empowers women through education, self-love and self-care through free
monthly workshops and mental health wellness clinics for all women. Blessons provides
scholarships to women who are attending accredited trade, tech or vocational programs that
have suffered challenging life lessons preventing them from advancing economically.
Being born in Sacramento, California, Khit became the first generation Palestinian to be
born in the United States. At the age of 16, she was emancipated and no longer had any
support from her family members. Khit grew up working multiple jobs and struggling alone. By
the age of 26, she not only fought for her economic well-being, but also fought Vulvar Cancer

In 2007, she moved to Chicago and completed her associates degree in General
Studies at Harold Washington College. Khit has been enrolled in more than 17 semesters since
1999 trying to complete a Bachelors degree. Due to challenging life lessons that include:
cancer, domestic abuse, rape and mental health, Khit understands that it’s difficult to complete a
degree when life gets rough.

Khit has been involved in nonprofit organizations since 2012 and became inspired to
create her own charity in 2016 to share her own story and help other women grow by turning
their wounds into wisdom, despite their challenging life lessons. With more than 200 speaking
engagements, she has had the opportunity to share her story and to inspire other women in
empowering themselves to create a better life for themselves and their families. Khit believes
that by empowering women through education, self-care and self-love, women will be able to
advance themselves economically. Blessons encourages everyone; men, women and all
genders in supporting Blessons by becoming a volunteer, joining TEAM Blessons and attending
the fundraising events.

To learn more, please visit and follow @herblssons

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