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Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs
President and Partner

Marc Jacobs is the President and Partner of Antico Posto, Beatrix, Bea’s Market, Ēma, Rotisserie Ēma, Foodease, Foodlife, L. Woods and Mity Nice Bar & Grill.

Marc began his career with Lettuce Entertain You in the fall of 1991, as a banquet server and busser at Bones (now L. Woods). After being cross-trained as a server, host and line cook, he was offered the opportunity to go through management training upon his graduation from UIC in the summer of 1995.

Two years later, Marc was transferred to R.J. Grunts, and was quickly promoted to general manager where he worked side by side with Rich Melman on the re-development of the restaurant.

From 2001 to 2015, Marc was imperative in the development and re-concepting of Antico Posto, Foodlife, Mity Nice Bar & Grill and L.Woods. He also oversaw and led the opening process from beginning to end at Di Pescara, Foodease Market, Beatrix River North and Streeterville, and Bea’s Market, a fast casual market.

Now, Marc is thrilled to be combining his passion for food and design with his vast experience in restaurants in his latest concept, Ēma, a Mediterranean restaurant featuring a light, California style of cooking.

In his free time, Marc enjoys spending time with his wife Vanessa and their three children, traveling, and visiting new restaurants.

Kevin Trojanowski

Kevin Trojanowski

Kevin’s passion for food began while growing fruits and vegetables in his grandparent’s garden. His grandma taught him to cook and bake using the fresh produce from the garden. Kevin worked in a high volume bakery throughout high school, and it is here where his passion for the business was cemented. After college, Kevin managed a small taqueria, which taught him the importance of attention to detail, cherishing the guest and watching every penny.
Kevin joined Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises in 2005 as a manager of Foodlife at Water Tower Place.  With more than 20 years in the restaurant industry, Kevin has spent more than half his career at Lettuce.  He has grown within the organization; working his way up from a floor manager to General Manager.
He has been instrumental in bringing structure to the management team, implementing efficient operating systems, improving profitability and continuing to drive the food culture. Kevin helped to develop the Foodease Market concept and is excited to grow the brand with Bea’s Market in Beatrix Streeterville.
When not in the restaurants, Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife, Christine and his two daughters, Haley and Peyton. He enjoys cooking for his family, gardening and fishing.
John Chiakulas

John Chiakulas
Executive Chef and Partner

John Chiakulas is Corporate Chef of LEYE and Chef Partner of Beatrix, Antico Posto, Foodease Market, Foodlife, Mity Nice Grill, L. Woods and Ēma.

His journey with LEYE began at Ambria in 1981, rising through the ranks from fish butcher to become Executive Chef of Scoozi! when it opened a decade later. His experiences traveling through Italy awakened his imagination and enthusiasm for Italian cooking; these skills translated well to his extensive experience at many LEYE restaurants, including Tru, L. Woods and Wildfire.

John was instrumental in the redesign of Foodlife in Water Tower Place and pushed the envelope in developing Foodease into what he now considers a “chef’s playground” because of its diverse offerings. In 2011, he teamed up with the Lettuce Consulting Group to bring his creativity to clients nationwide.

John is now the Chef Partner of Beatrix and was there for every step of its creation, as well as Lettuce’s newest Mediterranean concept, Ēma in River North. He is “hungry for more” in his leadership role, always thinking of how he can bring his projects to the next level.

Yasmin Gutierrez

Yasmin Gutierrez
Executive Pastry Chef

Yasmin studied Culinary Arts at the Illinois Institute of Art with an emphasis in pastry and continues to take classes at Chicago’s French Pastry School.

She began her career as an intern at Bittersweet Bakery on the north side of Chicago. A few years later, she joined Lettuce Entertain You’s Foodlife in Water Tower Place where she became the pastry chef and also oversaw Mity Nice Grill and Foodease after just two years. Now, Yasmin oversees the pastry program both at Water Tower Place, Beatrix and Ēma. Her specialties include cupcake creation and design, coffee cakes and birthday cakes.

Outside of the bakery, Yasmin plays soccer and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.

Efrain Betancourt

Efrain Betancourt
Sous Chef

Efrain is originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, and has always had a passion for restaurants, and food. After moving to Chicago in 1995, Efrain held various positions like dishwasher to line cook in restaurants around the city. In 2000, he joined Lettuce Entertain You, and began as a cook at Foodlife in Water Tower Place. After perfecting the processes for all 14 kitchens, Efrain got promoted to Kitchen Manager at Mity Nice Bar & Grill, and is now proud to be the Sous Chef.

His favorite part of the job is simply the atmosphere and work culture at LEYE. He enjoys working and collaborating with chefs and managers on a daily basis. When he’s not in the restaurant, Efrain spends his time with his kids and his family.

Oscar Garcia

Oscar Garcia
Kitchen Manager

Growing up in Guadalajara, Mexico, Oscar had always dreamt of being a chef. As soon as he arrived in America in 2002, he started work at the Italian restaurant, Piccolo Sogno. In 2005, he joined the Lettuce Entertain You family as a Line Cook at Mity Nice Bar & Grill in Water Tower Place. Seeking more responsibility, Oscar was promoted to the Kitchen Manager.

Oscar thrives on always giving his best effort, and especially maintaining a good relationship with his co-workers, and ensuring every visit for the guest is one to remember. When Oscar isn’t in the kitchen, you can find him exploring restaurants in Chicago and experimenting with new dishes.

Elise Dildilian

Elise Dildilian

Originally from Royal Oak, Michigan, Elise has always had a passion for not only food and cooking, but also entertaining. While attending Michigan State University, she decided to apply these passions to her studies with a focus in hospitality and graduated with a degree from The School of Hospitality Business at the university.

Elise has been a manger at Mity Nice Bar & Grill in Water Tower Place since 2014 and oversees the staff, food ordering, and daily operations. Her favorite part of the job is being able to turn someone’s day around with great food and service at the restaurant.

When she’s not in the restaurant, Elise enjoys exploring the city for great food and cocktails with her beautiful Dachshund sidekick, Roofio.

Cara Yaffe

Cara Yaffe
Divisional Marketing & PR Manager

Growing up in Long Grove, Illinois, Cara has always had a passion for food, writing, and technology, and knew she wanted to pursue a career one day that would entail all of those elements. Graduating in 2012 from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN., with a degree in Journalism and Business, she began her PR and marketing journey at a Chicago public relations agency focusing on restaurants and local businesses.

Realizing that her true passion and excitement was in restaurants, while also ready for more growth and opportunity, Cara joined the Lettuce Entertain You family in the summer of 2015. Now, Cara proudly oversees the marketing and public relations for Antico Posto, Beatrix, Bea’s Market, Ēma, Foodlife, Foodease, L. Woods, Mity Nice Bar & Grill, and Rotisserie Ēma. Her favorite part of the job is how every day is different, as well as having the opportunity to express her creativity across multiple different brands that she truly believes in.

In her free time, Cara loves checking out new restaurants around the city, traveling, going to concerts, and spending time with family and friends.

Ana Gonzalez

Ana Gonzalez
Parties and Catering Manager

Born and raised in Chicago, Ana attended and graduated from UIC with a degree in teaching. Upon graduation and on the search for a job, she began her journey with Lettuce Entertain You as a cocktail waitress at Scoozi! in River North. After loving the culture and core philosophies of Lettuce, she worked her way up to dining room server and then to banquet lead. 17 years later, Ana is proud to be the Parties and Catering Manager for Foodlife, Foodease and Mity Nice Bar & Grill in Water Tower Place.

Ana’s favorite part of her job is being able to believe that the customer service and product that she prides herself on everyday is the best that people will find.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her children; they help her remember to enjoy running in the leaves in the fall, feeling the sun hit her face in the summer and enjoying those rainy days in the spring.

Esmeralda Torres

Esmeralda Torres
Office Manager

Knowing that her passion was in restaurants and the hospitality industry, Esmeralda attended The National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City and graduated with a hospitality management degree. She first got her start in 1993, where she worked in Westin Hotels, and then moved to San Francisco two years later to continue her experience in the industry. In 1999, Esmeralda began her journey at Lettuce Entertain you where she held various positions like kiosk cook at Foodlife in Water Tower Place, and also spent time in Foodease Market.

After a few years, Esmeralda was promoted to Office Assistant, and is now proud to be Office Manager where she handles cash receipts, employee paperwork, invoicing and accounting for Foodease, Foodlife and Mity Nice Bar & Grill.

Her favorite part of the job is being challenged everyday with new situations, as well as working with the employees, the guests and her team. Caring for the employees is a fundamental core value of LEYE, and it is something that Esmeralda believes is the greatest reason for not only the restaurants success, but also her loyalty to the company for the last 17 years.

When she’s not in the restaurants, she enjoys spending time with her family, and going to see plays and musicals.

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